Friday, November 18, 2011

Review of A Secure Heart

A Secure Heart written by Charity Parkerson is a brilliant book that involves hot security men and FBI agents and the women they meet and fall in love with.   I rate this book 5 stars as I found myself  smiling, laughing, giggling, crying,  shocked, surprised and I was left yearning for more. 

I hadn't heard of author Charity Parkerson before, but I am sure to pick up one of her books again.  I like the way she writes as its very easy to understand and of course the men are so hot and wow. Jacob, Shannon  are hello!  Congrats Charity I enjoyed the book and I got lost in your world.  I am grateful I won a copy of your book through librarything.   Looking forward to reading more of Charity Parkerson.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

If you have already read the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead then you would know that Bloodlines is a new series involving Sydney (the one who helped Rose Hathaway). Sydney is an Alchemist, she helps protects humans lives against vampire secrets of Moroi, Dhampir and Strigoi.

But in this book Sydney has to sleep in the same room as a Moroi (something any normal Alchemist couldn't handle), she is acting as a guardian to help protect Lissa's (Queen)sister Jill after an attack on her life. Jill goes into hiding in Palm Springs at Amberwood Prep school, where they enrol and are one happy family.

It's not just Sydney and Jill as the main characters from the vampire academy series. Eddie is Jill's dhampir guardian, Adrian has to be near Jill as per Abe's wishes. Adrian is still hurting from Rose and unsettled by something that comes out in the book.

Sydney's job is to protect Jill, but throughout the book she uncovers a lot of secrets and grows fond of her new friends. She goes out her way to help please them, making everyone happy. Until she overcovers the truth.

I loved how Richelle writes, she really brings the characters to life by her discriptions and the settings. I did like this book and it does have a few things I didn't expect. They did get my heart racing for a few minutes but not as much action as the vampire academy series. Alot of it I expected to happen. But that being said, it is a Young Adult book and not an Adult so they may not be so aware of it.

I think this book is a must read for followers of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy as this is the setting up book of great books to come. Bloodlines finished on a great cliff hanger that has left me wanting the next book now. But that is because I love the Character it involves. You will know who I am talking about after you read it.

I actually enjoyed this first book more than the first vampire academy book. But in a different way, VA was more about vampire ways and this is more of a human perspective on everything. And I loved the Vampire Academy series so I am thinking I am going to really love what is going to be written for the rest of the series. Find out about the adventures and things Sydney has to go through, I know I am going to love the next book even more.

I give it 4 Stars as I guessed a lot of things that happened, but still enjoyed the read as a Young Adult Book. I didn't give it 5 stars as I am not sure I would read it again. Don't get me wrong I liked it, I am glad I read it but I think the next book will be 5 stars. Bloodlines only got to a quick page turning gasp at the end. But I think that is because I am not 15.

Richelle Mead is a terrific author. She has included everything that a good book should have and at no time did I get confused by anything. I could see everything unfold before my eyes. Written by Sydney's View Point.

I prefer her Adult books by far. 4 STARS.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Richelle Mead's Book "Succubus Revealed"

I like everyone else, was eagerly awaiting for the 6th book in the series of Georgina Kincaid.  Even lucky enough to get a signed copy from Richelle wishing me a happy birthday. Like Richelle touched my book everyone, hello.  Thanks to my good friend Celine who suprise me with it, thanks babe.

Anyway I couldn't wait to read this book and find out more about Seth and Georgina and Carter of course. But after the first few chapters I was a bit disappointed, I kept plodding on hoping and waiting for it to kick in and I put the book down half way and left it for days.  I mean days and if you know me Richelle is one of my most favourite authors and I would of normally read her book in a night but I was falling asleep. I  scoffed and sighed as I put the book down. 

Celine kept encouraging me to keep reading and I read another chapter four days later and then the fast pace kicked in, the emotional tie was formed, tugging at my heart and the tears flowed and everything was revealed.  Being the last book in the series I suppose it has to be calmer than all the others, to me it took on more of a young adult read compared to the other 5 books. 

I am glad I read it, I am sad the series is over.  I loved Carter again as  I have through all the books and I really do hope we all have angels  watching out for us.

4 stars

Monday, August 22, 2011

I am on Holidays reading by the pool

Nothing is nicer than sitting back on the deck surrounded by the biggest pool I have ever seen with a cocktail in one hand and a book in another. 

This is my life for the next few days, it's a hard life but someone has to do it.  Oh yeah did I mention it's warm enough for bikini's and it's supposed to be winter.  Yay! The sun is out.

You have to love the tropics,  just like I am loving the YA book I am reading at the moment.  It's called "Demon High" written by well known Author and teacher Lori Devoti.

Lori Devoti is able to captivate you on every page as she writes in a way that the conflict keeps you guessing. Yes it's a young adult read, as any good book I find myself thinking about the characters even when I'm not reading which tells me Lori  has done a terrific job of grabbing the readers attention.

It's set around  high school kids where Lucinda the heroine needs money quick to help save her Nana's  house,  and decides to step into her missing mothers footsteps and summon demons to fix her  money problems.   But all this money may come at a cost with her life.

I need to keep reading to see if these demons change as they are helpful to Lucinda's  commands at the moment especially while she stands outside the protective circle, but will they trick her and expect something in return. Will Lucinda want more power and join the demons? Did her mother die at the hands of the demons or did she join them?  Was it forced or did her mother leave to save her own daughters life.  I  have so many questions I need answered so I must go and find out more. 

Knowing that on this night while I gaze out over the pool and up to the stars thinking about Demon High I will be  satisfied that all my questions will be answered.  And that Lori Devoti has written another brilliant book. Thank-you Lori for bringing Demon High into my life.

If you aren't into young adults and want something a bit more steamy if you know what I mean,  then find your way towards Lori Devoti's M& B romance books found throughout the world.  Then you will definitely find hot nocturnal men of a different kind.

Wow, I'm sweating just thinking about them, ok time for another dip in the pool. Can't be thinking about big strong arm muscles and abs of steel that aren't my husbands. Or can I?  Hehe,  have fun reading.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fall into Winter by Eden Baylee

"Fall of Winter" written by Eden Baylee is  a collection of four Erotic Novellas in which I was sent from Eden herself. 

It was a great surprise to have an erotic book turn up on my doorstep so to speak.  As I have never reviewed an erotica before and it quickened my heart a bit,  so please be aware that if you are offended by the thought of reading how exactly one is fulfilled in the bedroom in detail, this may not be for you.  But for those who are curious keep reading.

The four novellas start with Ella being, "seduced by the blues." Ella was definitely seduced by John the owner of a blues bar and a very creative guitarist.  I don't think I will look at a guitarist agile fingers again in the same way. Wow. 

The second novella is called "Act Three" which involves Stella and her extra diverse needs. Her husband was unfulfilling them so after divorcing, Stella met Norman who was more than just a sexually curious man he was a role player.  Taking charge of his new Queen,  King Norman punishes her in ways she has never experienced before.  So if you are looking spanking, whips, bondage play, sex swings, paddles, splashes and more "Act Three" Novella is for you.

Then we come to Novella three "The Norwegian" which tugged at my heart the most as its more an erotic romance which I loved, as it has a beautiful story of Leah who is on retreat to Cedar Valley during the winter to get away from everything including her publisher.  Allowing her to focus on writing and finish her book with no interruptions, until she meets a Norwegian Biathlon who meets every girls dreams visually as well as physically, helping her find herself again after losing her fiance who died four years earlier. I loved it Eden.

The fourth Novella in which I consider as another Erotic Romance involving Elena who is on holidays in Phuket when she meets three male friends and spend the holidays with them.  Nothing happens during that time but Simon and Stefan seem to take a liking to her but their English was poor as they were Austrian.  After vowing to keep in touch two years past and Elena finds herself in Austria and one thing leads to another and Elena finds herself swathed in a bedsheet opening the door to a sexy as Hell Astrian.  Dropping the bedsheet to the floor standing naked before him letting him devour her with his eyes before he devours her in other ways.  A happy ending all around. 

All four novella's are totally different in characters and situations and I found the fall novella's are true Erotics and the winter novella's are Erotic Romances which I truly love.  All stories are written by the first person giving you the explicit  thoughts of the main character. 

So if you are looking for a free-flowing book which is a quick and easy read "Fall into Winter" is for you.  But be prepared to yearn for more desire in your own life after reading it.

This is Eden's first book and no doubt we will be seeing more of Eden Baylee's Erotic writing in years to come. No punt intended.  ;-)

If you want to find out more about Author Eden Baylee you can go to her website.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I have just read the ARC of Autumn Duchess

For those who love a good Georgian Historical Romance Lucinda Brant is for you.  She is an Australian Author and she knows her history especially since she is a History Teacher.

I had the great pleasure of reading and proofing Autumn Duchess for Lucinda, which was a great honor I must say.

"Wow, are you sure?"  Was my answer to her asking me, considering I am just an avid fan, reader, reviewer, mum and I have no Editing background all.  However, I was so, so glad she let me read it. 

If you have read Noble Satyr (book 1)  then Midnight Marriage (book 2) you must be hanging waiting and wanting to read Autumn Duchess (book 3).  I am NOT going to give out secrets since I have sworn to confidentiality, but if you want to check out the first chapter of her book go to the Lucinda Brant Website and click on Autumn Duchess and it will give you a sneak peak of what is to come. 

The Autumn Duchess manuscript is going to the publisher this week so it won't be long before it will be available to purchase.  While you are waiting  why don't you read her ebook Noble Satyr as it is only 99cents.  The hardcover should be in the next week or two so yay!  If you have her books  already,  re-read them again so the characters will be fresh in your mind.

Find out about  Duchess Antonia by reading the Roxton Series from the beginning.  Lucinda writes in a way that will allow you to see everything unfold from the page to seeing it happen infront of your eyes as if you are watching a movie.  Lucinda pulls all the right strings of your heart emotionally and physically. 

Thank you Lucinda Brant for letting me read the Advanced readers copy.  I give it 5 stars for sure. It is another one of your books that I can't wait to have in a hardcover. I loved it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Passion by Lauren Kate

I got to read the third book in the fallen series this week, for those that don't know of Lauren Kate she is writes young adults books involving fallen angels involving Daniel Grigori and the love of his life Lucinda Price. He gave up his part in heaven for love.

The third book mainly involves time travelling,  where torment left off. Lucinda goes back in time through announcers which she learns how to manipulate with the help of a gargolye called Bill.  She finds and witnesses first hand how she dies in her past lives in Daniel's arms from a touch or kiss, learning  he loves her no matter what and she is in search for a reason why it happens. 

I don't recommend you reading this book before book one or two as its part of the journey.  Book three filled in all the gaps over the time spanding over three thousand years letting Luce work out what she really wants and who.  

It was a nice book, I am glad I read it, I think it was definitely needed to help build up the war that may unfold in book four.  A great young reader, I think teenagers will love it.

I can't wait to see how these characters unfold in the next book Rapture.   A nice easy read, flows well and it looks at Daniel's and Lucinda's viewpoints which worked well. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucinda Brant Third Book Autumn Duchess

I am very excited as Lucinda is close to finishing the third book of the Roxton Series.  Like in a week, yay. I am so happy I am on the edge of my seat as she just gave me a little sneak peak,  just to keep me hanging.   It's good.

I will endeavor to find out how long it will be before its available to buy, once the editor goes over it etc, I let everyone know.  OMG I can't wait.

I can't wait to read the tension Lucinda has built up between the characters in the book, she really does a beautiful job transferring it from her mind to the page.   I think it will be time to re-read "Midnight Marriage" and don't forget you can check out her first chapter of Autumn Duchess on her website. 

I know I will again, once I have finished Midnight Marriage.  Can you hear my loud claps, and cheers all the way from the girl in downunder.  Hope so, love your work Lucinda.

Friday, June 24, 2011

What makes a Good Book?

A good keeper is one that I can not put down from the moment I start reading it, it is one that I walk around the house with a book in one hand, doing housework with the other, it is a book I devour in a day, and the next day I pick it up to start all over again and find hidden meanings within the book that I missed the first time.

A keeper is a book when I can allow my mind to fall into it's world feeling everything the characters are feeling, seeing, touching and smelling. A keeper is one that I constantly think about, one where I look for the characters characteristics in a crowd of people, ones that I yearn for, one that I rush home to pick up and embellish all over again.

What good book has made you feel like this?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Felicity Heaton author of "A Promise of Passion"

If you want a great read that involves vampires and a vampire hunter, well "A Promise of Passion" is for you written by Felicity Heaton. It is only 99cents on Amazon so download it today. I have given it 5 stars as I didn't/couldn't put the book down. I took it to the gym to read, I was reading working hard burning calories on the walking machine while Alicia (vampire hunter) was doing the same on the page but burning calories in different ways. Ummm

Felicity is able to write in a way that I was able to connect to the characters Kassian a vampire and Alicia the vampire hunter within the first chapter. Which means it's a good book.

Yes it's a romance and that is probably why I loved it so much, it had tension, it had conflict lots of it. Felicity presented in a way that you had both points of view of the main characters, these thoughts allowing yourself to dig in deeper into the mind of a very old vampire, fighting to protect Alicia from other younger vampires as she resembles his sire 200 years earlier.

Alicia starts the remember things from a past life, the more times he saves her life, the more feelings she grows for the one thing she has been trained to kill. If you want to find out what happens download it today.

Then after you read it then go to Felicity Heaton website, link on this page and she has a free short story of Kassian "A Day in the life of Kassian". But don't read this first, please allow yourself to escape into the world of A promise of passion then after devouring it then continue with the freebie.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review of Evil Genius by Patricia Rice

I am going to start by saying that the front cover of the book says it all. ‘Millions, Mayhem, and Murder’ these three M’s unfold throughout the book.  This fast paced mystery that will keep you intrigued by the twists and turns, wondering who did it, what was going to happen next totally encasing the genre of a mystery, as I truly could not tell what was going to happen.

The "Evil Genius” wrote in Ana's perspective, Ana a virtual assistant who is able to work out any cyber problem possible. However when it comes to her family landing on her doorstep unannounced her invisible and introvert ways have been jeopardised. No longer being able to live in her seldom-quiet life again, resulting in a move to Grandfathers house.

Ana helps her sister EG only 9; find her missing father, accused of murder.  With the help of Nick (the brother), all three siblings work together as one (most of the time), even though they have not seen each other for years. Ana takes on the caregiver role, protecting her family; all agreeing that they have a dysfunctional family and a drama queen of a mother. Nevertheless, they are thankful for the many different talents they have as a result, which come in handy along the journey. Nick has mathematical talents, EG is the Evil Genius and Ana specialised in fighting dirty, and kicking butt.

Together they need to find EG’s father, solve the murders, workout who sold there late grandfathers estate to the man who lives on the third floor (Graham) and work out what happened to the stolen inheritance.

Patricia writes strong characters that I found fascinating, I felt as though I was Ana, feeling things through her thoughts on the page and the viewpoints of EG were terrific, as it gave you input into the things unknown to Ana.  Patricia was flowing with her words and she described the scenes, characters, clothing so well I could envision what the characters were saying, doing and moving.  And wow how does Patricia know so much about Boxing and fighting, it was elaborated in great detail making me think she does is in her spare time.

What is Evil Genius? Patricia Rice is who, she has written a mystery that is also suitable for Young Adult Readers with a little hint of romantic tension. It is a fast-paced mystery, which has you guessing. Driving you to keep going, as you need to know what is going to happen next. It left me wanting more.  So check out Patricia Rice’s Book at its well worth the read. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Book list to Review

Wow guys I have a busy time ahead of me, so many great books to read and review,  which I am very grateful... I have updated my book list to review and wow again. Check it out. Authors of the Books I need to review, are Lucinda Brant, Lori Devoti,Chris Dolley, Abby Green,  Felicity Heaton, Julie Ortolon, LJ Sellers, Jennifer Stevenson.  (not in this order)

I better get back to it. Keep smiling.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can't stop thinking about characters in "Evil Genius"

Sorry I have been away from the blog for some time. I know it has only been a week, but it feels like a life time.  Throughout the week I have been reading, yay! Not as many as normal.  I don't know what has happened to my 5 to 7 books a week, as it has only been one or two a week lately.   My youngest is a toddler, which explains why.

Back to books, I purchased the 11th book in the True blood series, while in Melbourne but it is taking me a while to get through it,  like the whole week so far.  Something that never normally happens with Charlaine Harris books, as I normally devour them in a night.  I am 3/4 of the way through it but I still can't get into it,  as I keep thinking about the characters in Patricia Rice's book "Evil Genius

I find  if my mind wonders into a scene, characters, place or the time from a book while doing general household duties means the book has made an impact on you.  Which I think would be every Authors dream.  This is Patricia's first mystery book and I take my hat off to her.  I know it has been sitting in her file for a while,  not sure if she should take the plunge away from her romance books, but I am glad she did. 

I will be posting the review on 'Evil Genius' written by Patricia Rice this week, on Librarything, Amazon, Goodreads and of course this blog.

Hope all is well, keep reading.  I apologise for taking a while with my reviews this month, I am back into the swing of things now. So Yay! Fingers crossed.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yay I Finally Found The first book of the Harry Lytle Series

I have been searching for about 9 months or so for the first book in the Harry Lytle Series written by Paul Lawrence and I finally found it in a cute Bookstore in Melbourne.  I even had a little tear in my eye as Paul's book 'A Plague of Sinners' was my first librarything member review.  I was so happy, I just had to sit down and start.  So now I can go back to back and read both.  Yay!  Can't wait for the third book in the series which Paul is writing as we speak.

Check out 'A plague of sinners' review on the left had side.  Wow I am so Happy and thanks to my beautiful friends that let me lose myself in the bookstore for hours on end on saturday. 

Now to head off to the 17th Century.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Review : "In Christofides' Keeping" by Abby Green

I finished this book in a night!   I just could not physically pull it away from my eyes.  Abby claimed my attention straight away, the most important chapter in the book is the first one, and by gosh Abby you achieved that greatly, I was yearning to know more.

I had to know why Rico Christofides’ kept thinking about this one-night stand from two years ago, Gypsy.  He had the most beautiful women willing, begging to do anything he wished at a drop of a hat, but he was not interested.  Rico still thought about the girl that turned him down at the nightclub.  It was the first time this handsome, tall, broad shouldered, Rich Greek Businessman struck out.  

One thing leads to another and they end up having a night of passion.  Abby Green was able to express her words in a way that, Gypsy was not, the only girl to fall in love with Rico, the reader does as well.  Experiencing the aching desire to see the man of her dreams again, tormented by looking into the eyes of their beautiful surprise Lola, a spitting image of her father.  Gypsy wanted Lola to have a normal loving upbringing, raising a 15 month old, by herself, holding out on Rico until the time was right. Gypsy may be living in an unfashionable neighbourhood and her clothes are second hand but they were happy and Gypsy wanted to keep it that way.

Not so, Gypsy fights the sexual tension as Rico tracks her down. The intensity of emotions from Gypsy and Rico carried through out the book.  I do not want to spoil the story, so I will not go into details.  Abby was able to tick all the good things you want in a romance novel.  She accomplished this by having the hills-and-valleys approach to the conflict and the moments of rapport between Rico and Gypsy. They have a love hate relationship where Rico wants full control, something that Gypsy is not willing to give up to easily. 

I loved it how Abby wrote the story from different viewpoints, love it!  These viewpoints switch between the characters gliding with ease, allowing the characters to reveal themselves.  The mood Abby created was at a good pace and you can clearly see how Rico and Gypsy change throughout the book from the first moments they desired one another.

I recommend this book and I will definitely be sharing Abby’s work to others. Now I am off to read this book again, so I can analyse Rico and Gypsy’s hot love desire once more. 

41/2 stars

Jennifer Stevenson Books available at Book View Cafe

Just letting you all know that Jennifer Stevenson's Books (which I have reviewed) are available for only $2.99.
How good it that.  So stay at home, make your own cup of coffee and save the money buying one and buy a book instead for the Easter weekend.  So go and check her out, she has an interview to read as well. 

 If you want a funny quirky romance I think the stagehands books are for you.  I laughed so much from 'Fools Paradise' and 'King of Heart', good uplifting books, with some um steamy scenes. 

Then you have the Incubus Randy involving three books 'The Brass Bed', 'The Velvet Chair' and my all time favourite of the three 'The Bearskin Rug', stories that  are spicy, and you need to be 18 to read it, sort of books. OH baby.  No I should be saying 'Oh Randy.'  Start with The Brass Bed as it's an important book on how Randy and Jewel meet, yum.  I think I need to read them again this weekend.  Go Randy and Jewel.

Gosh get all three, don't buy yourself an Easter Egg buy the three ebooks.  You can't get a nice Easter Egg for under $10,and this is better for you. A good laugh and more. ummm Gee the Easter Bunny left you books on your ereader/ipad or computer  instead. I like that Easter Bunny, I hope he does the same with me this weekend.  So check it out.
Book View Cafe - Because you can never have too many ebooks, Immortal, by Pati Nagle - A New BVC eBook, The Exile Waiting, by Vonda N. McIntyre., Book View Cafe daily special from founding member Jennifer Stevenson.
Have a great Easter Everyone.  Go on hop to it.
While you are at Bookview check out the other authors which are awesome. Just dropping names like Patricia Rice, Deborah J Ross, Chris Dolley, Madeleine Robins, Nancy Jane Moore, Brenda W. Clough, Chaz Brenchley, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Jay Caselberg, Laura Anne Gilman.
 The ebooks are such a good price, you could grab one for every day over the long weekend.

If you want paperbacks of the incubus series Angus and Robertson have them available online only and in Australia only.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review- In Christofides Keeping by Abby Green

Hi  Everyone,

I read 'In Christofides Keeping' tonight, written by Abby Green and I ploughed through it.  Abby's writing was so easy to read and flows really well, allowing me to devour it in a night. I will be writing a review for this tomorrow. After uploading it to librarything it will be available through the widget.  The bright Pink sections of books I have reviewed.

I would just like to thank Abby for sending this book all the way from Ireland.  I will be searching for more of your mills and boon books at the bookstores for sure and spreading the word of your desire.  It was a modern desire for sure.

I will keep you posted.  Ha Ha I know.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank you Everyone and Welcome

Thank you to everyone for bearing with me, while I have been upgrading the Blogspot.  I am new at it, so if something doesn't look right, I am trying to fix it. It may just take a while with school holidays and all.  Having three kids at home isn't leaving much time for reading.

Shame I know, but now that this blog is ok, up and running.  I will be doing more in the future with the reviews and I will try very hard to get that Author on the blog site for an interview.   No promises of course, but I try and pull strings here and there.    

I better get reading, as I have several books to review.  (See the list below)  If you have any ideas, I am sure you will let me know.

Sorry for all the changes.
Thank you again guys
Keep smiling

Monday, April 18, 2011

My First Follower

Thanks to another Reviewer Kiki, who has inspired me to finally get my blog up and going.  My first follower. Thanks Kiki.  But don't expect much on it for a while with School holidays.