Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucinda Brant Third Book Autumn Duchess

I am very excited as Lucinda is close to finishing the third book of the Roxton Series.  Like in a week, yay. I am so happy I am on the edge of my seat as she just gave me a little sneak peak,  just to keep me hanging.   It's good.

I will endeavor to find out how long it will be before its available to buy, once the editor goes over it etc, I let everyone know.  OMG I can't wait.

I can't wait to read the tension Lucinda has built up between the characters in the book, she really does a beautiful job transferring it from her mind to the page.   I think it will be time to re-read "Midnight Marriage" and don't forget you can check out her first chapter of Autumn Duchess on her website. 

I know I will again, once I have finished Midnight Marriage.  Can you hear my loud claps, and cheers all the way from the girl in downunder.  Hope so, love your work Lucinda.

Friday, June 24, 2011

What makes a Good Book?

A good keeper is one that I can not put down from the moment I start reading it, it is one that I walk around the house with a book in one hand, doing housework with the other, it is a book I devour in a day, and the next day I pick it up to start all over again and find hidden meanings within the book that I missed the first time.

A keeper is a book when I can allow my mind to fall into it's world feeling everything the characters are feeling, seeing, touching and smelling. A keeper is one that I constantly think about, one where I look for the characters characteristics in a crowd of people, ones that I yearn for, one that I rush home to pick up and embellish all over again.

What good book has made you feel like this?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Felicity Heaton author of "A Promise of Passion"

If you want a great read that involves vampires and a vampire hunter, well "A Promise of Passion" is for you written by Felicity Heaton. It is only 99cents on Amazon so download it today. I have given it 5 stars as I didn't/couldn't put the book down. I took it to the gym to read, I was reading working hard burning calories on the walking machine while Alicia (vampire hunter) was doing the same on the page but burning calories in different ways. Ummm

Felicity is able to write in a way that I was able to connect to the characters Kassian a vampire and Alicia the vampire hunter within the first chapter. Which means it's a good book.

Yes it's a romance and that is probably why I loved it so much, it had tension, it had conflict lots of it. Felicity presented in a way that you had both points of view of the main characters, these thoughts allowing yourself to dig in deeper into the mind of a very old vampire, fighting to protect Alicia from other younger vampires as she resembles his sire 200 years earlier.

Alicia starts the remember things from a past life, the more times he saves her life, the more feelings she grows for the one thing she has been trained to kill. If you want to find out what happens download it today.

Then after you read it then go to Felicity Heaton website, link on this page and she has a free short story of Kassian "A Day in the life of Kassian". But don't read this first, please allow yourself to escape into the world of A promise of passion then after devouring it then continue with the freebie.