Friday, October 14, 2011

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

If you have already read the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead then you would know that Bloodlines is a new series involving Sydney (the one who helped Rose Hathaway). Sydney is an Alchemist, she helps protects humans lives against vampire secrets of Moroi, Dhampir and Strigoi.

But in this book Sydney has to sleep in the same room as a Moroi (something any normal Alchemist couldn't handle), she is acting as a guardian to help protect Lissa's (Queen)sister Jill after an attack on her life. Jill goes into hiding in Palm Springs at Amberwood Prep school, where they enrol and are one happy family.

It's not just Sydney and Jill as the main characters from the vampire academy series. Eddie is Jill's dhampir guardian, Adrian has to be near Jill as per Abe's wishes. Adrian is still hurting from Rose and unsettled by something that comes out in the book.

Sydney's job is to protect Jill, but throughout the book she uncovers a lot of secrets and grows fond of her new friends. She goes out her way to help please them, making everyone happy. Until she overcovers the truth.

I loved how Richelle writes, she really brings the characters to life by her discriptions and the settings. I did like this book and it does have a few things I didn't expect. They did get my heart racing for a few minutes but not as much action as the vampire academy series. Alot of it I expected to happen. But that being said, it is a Young Adult book and not an Adult so they may not be so aware of it.

I think this book is a must read for followers of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy as this is the setting up book of great books to come. Bloodlines finished on a great cliff hanger that has left me wanting the next book now. But that is because I love the Character it involves. You will know who I am talking about after you read it.

I actually enjoyed this first book more than the first vampire academy book. But in a different way, VA was more about vampire ways and this is more of a human perspective on everything. And I loved the Vampire Academy series so I am thinking I am going to really love what is going to be written for the rest of the series. Find out about the adventures and things Sydney has to go through, I know I am going to love the next book even more.

I give it 4 Stars as I guessed a lot of things that happened, but still enjoyed the read as a Young Adult Book. I didn't give it 5 stars as I am not sure I would read it again. Don't get me wrong I liked it, I am glad I read it but I think the next book will be 5 stars. Bloodlines only got to a quick page turning gasp at the end. But I think that is because I am not 15.

Richelle Mead is a terrific author. She has included everything that a good book should have and at no time did I get confused by anything. I could see everything unfold before my eyes. Written by Sydney's View Point.

I prefer her Adult books by far. 4 STARS.

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