Friday, September 16, 2011

Richelle Mead's Book "Succubus Revealed"

I like everyone else, was eagerly awaiting for the 6th book in the series of Georgina Kincaid.  Even lucky enough to get a signed copy from Richelle wishing me a happy birthday. Like Richelle touched my book everyone, hello.  Thanks to my good friend Celine who suprise me with it, thanks babe.

Anyway I couldn't wait to read this book and find out more about Seth and Georgina and Carter of course. But after the first few chapters I was a bit disappointed, I kept plodding on hoping and waiting for it to kick in and I put the book down half way and left it for days.  I mean days and if you know me Richelle is one of my most favourite authors and I would of normally read her book in a night but I was falling asleep. I  scoffed and sighed as I put the book down. 

Celine kept encouraging me to keep reading and I read another chapter four days later and then the fast pace kicked in, the emotional tie was formed, tugging at my heart and the tears flowed and everything was revealed.  Being the last book in the series I suppose it has to be calmer than all the others, to me it took on more of a young adult read compared to the other 5 books. 

I am glad I read it, I am sad the series is over.  I loved Carter again as  I have through all the books and I really do hope we all have angels  watching out for us.

4 stars

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