Monday, August 22, 2011

I am on Holidays reading by the pool

Nothing is nicer than sitting back on the deck surrounded by the biggest pool I have ever seen with a cocktail in one hand and a book in another. 

This is my life for the next few days, it's a hard life but someone has to do it.  Oh yeah did I mention it's warm enough for bikini's and it's supposed to be winter.  Yay! The sun is out.

You have to love the tropics,  just like I am loving the YA book I am reading at the moment.  It's called "Demon High" written by well known Author and teacher Lori Devoti.

Lori Devoti is able to captivate you on every page as she writes in a way that the conflict keeps you guessing. Yes it's a young adult read, as any good book I find myself thinking about the characters even when I'm not reading which tells me Lori  has done a terrific job of grabbing the readers attention.

It's set around  high school kids where Lucinda the heroine needs money quick to help save her Nana's  house,  and decides to step into her missing mothers footsteps and summon demons to fix her  money problems.   But all this money may come at a cost with her life.

I need to keep reading to see if these demons change as they are helpful to Lucinda's  commands at the moment especially while she stands outside the protective circle, but will they trick her and expect something in return. Will Lucinda want more power and join the demons? Did her mother die at the hands of the demons or did she join them?  Was it forced or did her mother leave to save her own daughters life.  I  have so many questions I need answered so I must go and find out more. 

Knowing that on this night while I gaze out over the pool and up to the stars thinking about Demon High I will be  satisfied that all my questions will be answered.  And that Lori Devoti has written another brilliant book. Thank-you Lori for bringing Demon High into my life.

If you aren't into young adults and want something a bit more steamy if you know what I mean,  then find your way towards Lori Devoti's M& B romance books found throughout the world.  Then you will definitely find hot nocturnal men of a different kind.

Wow, I'm sweating just thinking about them, ok time for another dip in the pool. Can't be thinking about big strong arm muscles and abs of steel that aren't my husbands. Or can I?  Hehe,  have fun reading.

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