Monday, August 8, 2011

Fall into Winter by Eden Baylee

"Fall of Winter" written by Eden Baylee is  a collection of four Erotic Novellas in which I was sent from Eden herself. 

It was a great surprise to have an erotic book turn up on my doorstep so to speak.  As I have never reviewed an erotica before and it quickened my heart a bit,  so please be aware that if you are offended by the thought of reading how exactly one is fulfilled in the bedroom in detail, this may not be for you.  But for those who are curious keep reading.

The four novellas start with Ella being, "seduced by the blues." Ella was definitely seduced by John the owner of a blues bar and a very creative guitarist.  I don't think I will look at a guitarist agile fingers again in the same way. Wow. 

The second novella is called "Act Three" which involves Stella and her extra diverse needs. Her husband was unfulfilling them so after divorcing, Stella met Norman who was more than just a sexually curious man he was a role player.  Taking charge of his new Queen,  King Norman punishes her in ways she has never experienced before.  So if you are looking spanking, whips, bondage play, sex swings, paddles, splashes and more "Act Three" Novella is for you.

Then we come to Novella three "The Norwegian" which tugged at my heart the most as its more an erotic romance which I loved, as it has a beautiful story of Leah who is on retreat to Cedar Valley during the winter to get away from everything including her publisher.  Allowing her to focus on writing and finish her book with no interruptions, until she meets a Norwegian Biathlon who meets every girls dreams visually as well as physically, helping her find herself again after losing her fiance who died four years earlier. I loved it Eden.

The fourth Novella in which I consider as another Erotic Romance involving Elena who is on holidays in Phuket when she meets three male friends and spend the holidays with them.  Nothing happens during that time but Simon and Stefan seem to take a liking to her but their English was poor as they were Austrian.  After vowing to keep in touch two years past and Elena finds herself in Austria and one thing leads to another and Elena finds herself swathed in a bedsheet opening the door to a sexy as Hell Astrian.  Dropping the bedsheet to the floor standing naked before him letting him devour her with his eyes before he devours her in other ways.  A happy ending all around. 

All four novella's are totally different in characters and situations and I found the fall novella's are true Erotics and the winter novella's are Erotic Romances which I truly love.  All stories are written by the first person giving you the explicit  thoughts of the main character. 

So if you are looking for a free-flowing book which is a quick and easy read "Fall into Winter" is for you.  But be prepared to yearn for more desire in your own life after reading it.

This is Eden's first book and no doubt we will be seeing more of Eden Baylee's Erotic writing in years to come. No punt intended.  ;-)

If you want to find out more about Author Eden Baylee you can go to her website.


  1. Check out Eden's website.

  2. Mel, I'm so delighted by your review. Thank you! I will link back to you shortly on my blog. It was a thrill to read this, and I really appreciate your kind words, especially since it's the first erotic novel you've reviewed. Thanks again.


  3. No, thank you Eden for sending it to me. Adding a bit of spice into my life. I will be looking out for a norweigans and astrians now.