Sunday, July 10, 2011

Passion by Lauren Kate

I got to read the third book in the fallen series this week, for those that don't know of Lauren Kate she is writes young adults books involving fallen angels involving Daniel Grigori and the love of his life Lucinda Price. He gave up his part in heaven for love.

The third book mainly involves time travelling,  where torment left off. Lucinda goes back in time through announcers which she learns how to manipulate with the help of a gargolye called Bill.  She finds and witnesses first hand how she dies in her past lives in Daniel's arms from a touch or kiss, learning  he loves her no matter what and she is in search for a reason why it happens. 

I don't recommend you reading this book before book one or two as its part of the journey.  Book three filled in all the gaps over the time spanding over three thousand years letting Luce work out what she really wants and who.  

It was a nice book, I am glad I read it, I think it was definitely needed to help build up the war that may unfold in book four.  A great young reader, I think teenagers will love it.

I can't wait to see how these characters unfold in the next book Rapture.   A nice easy read, flows well and it looks at Daniel's and Lucinda's viewpoints which worked well. 

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