Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review- In Christofides Keeping by Abby Green

Hi  Everyone,

I read 'In Christofides Keeping' tonight, written by Abby Green and I ploughed through it.  Abby's writing was so easy to read and flows really well, allowing me to devour it in a night. I will be writing a review for this tomorrow. After uploading it to librarything it will be available through the widget.  The bright Pink sections of books I have reviewed.

I would just like to thank Abby for sending this book all the way from Ireland.  I will be searching for more of your mills and boon books at the bookstores for sure and spreading the word of your desire.  It was a modern desire for sure.

I will keep you posted.  Ha Ha I know.


  1. I look forward to more reviews from Mel. Thanks to you, Mel, my to-read list is very long right now. But this is a good thing!!!

  2. Thanks Jen,

    No problems Jen, you just write away babe so I can review your next book.

    Thanks for visiting