Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Review : "In Christofides' Keeping" by Abby Green

I finished this book in a night!   I just could not physically pull it away from my eyes.  Abby claimed my attention straight away, the most important chapter in the book is the first one, and by gosh Abby you achieved that greatly, I was yearning to know more.

I had to know why Rico Christofides’ kept thinking about this one-night stand from two years ago, Gypsy.  He had the most beautiful women willing, begging to do anything he wished at a drop of a hat, but he was not interested.  Rico still thought about the girl that turned him down at the nightclub.  It was the first time this handsome, tall, broad shouldered, Rich Greek Businessman struck out.  

One thing leads to another and they end up having a night of passion.  Abby Green was able to express her words in a way that, Gypsy was not, the only girl to fall in love with Rico, the reader does as well.  Experiencing the aching desire to see the man of her dreams again, tormented by looking into the eyes of their beautiful surprise Lola, a spitting image of her father.  Gypsy wanted Lola to have a normal loving upbringing, raising a 15 month old, by herself, holding out on Rico until the time was right. Gypsy may be living in an unfashionable neighbourhood and her clothes are second hand but they were happy and Gypsy wanted to keep it that way.

Not so, Gypsy fights the sexual tension as Rico tracks her down. The intensity of emotions from Gypsy and Rico carried through out the book.  I do not want to spoil the story, so I will not go into details.  Abby was able to tick all the good things you want in a romance novel.  She accomplished this by having the hills-and-valleys approach to the conflict and the moments of rapport between Rico and Gypsy. They have a love hate relationship where Rico wants full control, something that Gypsy is not willing to give up to easily. 

I loved it how Abby wrote the story from different viewpoints, love it!  These viewpoints switch between the characters gliding with ease, allowing the characters to reveal themselves.  The mood Abby created was at a good pace and you can clearly see how Rico and Gypsy change throughout the book from the first moments they desired one another.

I recommend this book and I will definitely be sharing Abby’s work to others. Now I am off to read this book again, so I can analyse Rico and Gypsy’s hot love desire once more. 

41/2 stars

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