Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jennifer Stevenson Books available at Book View Cafe

Just letting you all know that Jennifer Stevenson's Books (which I have reviewed) are available for only $2.99.
How good it that.  So stay at home, make your own cup of coffee and save the money buying one and buy a book instead for the Easter weekend.  So go and check her out, she has an interview to read as well. 

 If you want a funny quirky romance I think the stagehands books are for you.  I laughed so much from 'Fools Paradise' and 'King of Heart', good uplifting books, with some um steamy scenes. 

Then you have the Incubus Randy involving three books 'The Brass Bed', 'The Velvet Chair' and my all time favourite of the three 'The Bearskin Rug', stories that  are spicy, and you need to be 18 to read it, sort of books. OH baby.  No I should be saying 'Oh Randy.'  Start with The Brass Bed as it's an important book on how Randy and Jewel meet, yum.  I think I need to read them again this weekend.  Go Randy and Jewel.

Gosh get all three, don't buy yourself an Easter Egg buy the three ebooks.  You can't get a nice Easter Egg for under $10,and this is better for you. A good laugh and more. ummm Gee the Easter Bunny left you books on your ereader/ipad or computer  instead. I like that Easter Bunny, I hope he does the same with me this weekend.  So check it out.
Book View Cafe - Because you can never have too many ebooks, Immortal, by Pati Nagle - A New BVC eBook, The Exile Waiting, by Vonda N. McIntyre., Book View Cafe daily special from founding member Jennifer Stevenson.
Have a great Easter Everyone.  Go on hop to it.
While you are at Bookview check out the other authors which are awesome. Just dropping names like Patricia Rice, Deborah J Ross, Chris Dolley, Madeleine Robins, Nancy Jane Moore, Brenda W. Clough, Chaz Brenchley, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Jay Caselberg, Laura Anne Gilman.
 The ebooks are such a good price, you could grab one for every day over the long weekend.

If you want paperbacks of the incubus series Angus and Robertson have them available online only and in Australia only.  

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